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  • For 30 years Rapp Optical has been proudly fitting the City of Toronto with well-made fashionable eyewear.
  • Rapp Optical distinguishes itself from the majority of eyewear dispensers by focusing its retail operation on only well-made & well-designed collections, most of which is only available at Rapp.
  • Our fittings and designs have a distinctive innovative look that appeals to a discerning clientele.
  • We have one store only, because we can better service our clients with more inventory and immediate service such as repairs and adjustments.
  • If you are interested in the best products, the largest inventory for a proper selection, and best service, then we are for you.


Highly Technical Staff:

  • Your eyeglass prescription instructs us to bring your eyes into better focus. It informs us of the nature of your uncorrected eyes, and what we have to do to improve your vision.
  • Research and development by Rapp into new fitting techniques and new frame designs continually further the pioneering attributes of our products.
  • We provide accurate anatomical measurements – which translates into a better lens for better vision.
  • Our state-of-the-art high-tech measuring processes, as well as our proprietary lens fitting techniques are recognized for making your vision more precise.
  • We are technically skilled at deciphering the very large array of confusing lens products.
  • Our lenses are fabricated and finished in house, in our own lab, and under our control.
  • Every prescription is checked for accuracy at least four times by our Opticians and Technicians.
  • Quality begins in our own lab.


Recognized For Frame Fitting:

  • One of the essential ingredients to excellent eyewear is the fit of the frame.
  • Although our trained staff make this very important task seem simple, – it really isn’t.
  • Proper fitting requires time, an experienced eye (so-to-speak), and a huge inventory of beautiful frames to satisfy the various facial types and sizes, as well as various technical challenges that some prescriptions offer.
  • We specialize in hard to fit:  –small faces,  –larger-than-life faces, –long temple lengths, –narrow pupillary distances
  • Our frame fittings are designed for function, comfort and beauty.
  • Function, comfort, beauty, and good vision go hand-in-hand.


Exclusive to Rapp Optical:

  • Rapp Eyewear is our in-house designed collection of locally manufactured hand-made eyewear.
  • Rapp Eyewear is available in high-end shops through-out the world.
  • In Toronto, Rapp Eyewear is only available at Rapp Optical.
  • By maintaining its manufacturing operation within Canada, as opposed to the more frequent practice of offshore outsourcing, Rapp remains a versatile company offering much more than your average optical shop.
  • Clients of Rapp Optical are in a unique position to find a well-made one-of-a-kind frame, unavailable anywhere else in the city.


High Tech at Rapp

  • We specialize in Progressive Power lens fitting.
  • We specialize in optical products designed for comfortable and safe computer viewing
  • High energy Blue light (short wavelength )  is found in abnormally high proportions in both work and home environments: (TV’s, computer screens, smart phones, tablets, e-readers, energy-saving light bulbs LED’s). Several lens manufacturers are developing new products designed to address the dangers posed by blue light: (eyestrain, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal degenerative diseases. Evidence is mounting that exposure to blue light can lead to other physiological concerns. )
  • In order to minimize the proportion of HEV the light reaching the eye, we now dispense high-tech lens products which enhance contrast by reducing the unwanted blue light.